Globally 20 Million People Are at Risk

FP describes it as the greatest humanitarian disaster since WWII. This one was brought on by famine caused by drought.

UN General Secretary has asked for $4.4 billion to avert disaster, but so far a small fraction of that has been raised. The US should be taking a leadership role here, but so far I have been unable to find any statistics on US emergency assistance to Somalia or Africa in general. 

Starvation Stalks the Horn of Africa

The Senate Is Officially Pathetic

The Senate, long a moderate body that venerated tradition and longer-term perspectives than its sister body, the House. Today they have officially become functionally equivalent.

The House and Senate are equally small-minded and pathetic.

With ‘nuclear option,’ Senate ends Democratic blockade of Trump court pick

Nationalism Cannot Address Global Issues

Nationalism was historically opposed in terms of it necessarily degrading into conflict, possibly global ones. In the current era, my concern with nationalism is its inability to deal with global challenges, particularly anthropomorphic climate change.

We don’t necessarily need a world government. But we do need a world governance structure that can propose, agree, ratify, and compel action to address global challenges and opportunities.

The United Nations, as it stands now, is insufficient. The leadership of the United States is required, but the US is dismally failing any tests of leadership at the moment.

Reality and the Imagination

Germany Needs UK More Than Vice-Versa

This is merely the opening salvo of a long and complex negotiation. The EU will eventually soften on trade relations because of one simple observation: Germany exports more to the U.K. than U.K. exports to Germany. Therefore Germany relies more on retaining a strong trade relationship.

The prospects of Scotland’s secession are harder to predict. However, I see that Scotland voted twice to remain in the EU, and therefore should be allowed to vote once again. May’s government may block the vote because she already knows the outcome.

You Think Your Week Sucks? Try Being Theresa May | Foreign Policy